jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

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what's the invention's name. Solar backpack to cool the beer.

What is it for?

In hot days of summer, the demand for fresh drinks is high, as well as the difficulty of taking them by hand. Some portable refrigerators can try to slow the warming of soda for a while, but not re-cooling. Other refrigerators can work while they are next to a power source, but not far from it. In cooperation with business and CMC Salewa, SOLARC has developed the backpack compartment cooling and solar thermal, fed through a solar module at the back. Thus, the result is a solar backpack gets cool its contents while the sun shines, thus achieving a perfect synergy. The more the sun shines, the drinks are cool.

Who invented it?

The SOLARC company, With companies CMC and Salewa.

How you can use it?

First, You should put your beer inside the backpack, then you should go out and sunlight trigger the mechanism of the bag to cool your beer. AND READY!

Tips and Recommendations

- Don´t forget to put the beer inside the backpack.
- Remember to go out, Sunlight trigger the mechanism of the bag to cool.
- Keep it away from water.


Nerio: Hi! How are you?

Lorena: I’m Fine, thanks, and you?

Nerio: Very good, Thanks. By the way, can you borrow your English dictionary?

Lorena: Yes, You can take my English dictionary; but, please bring it back.

Nerio: Sure, No problem! Thanks a lot.

Lorena: You are welcome.

Lorena: Excuse me, but, would you mind not smoking here?

Nerio: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that. I’ll make sure to put it out.

Lorena: Thanks you very much.